Welcome to the our new website!

Welcome to the our new website!

Notice anything new? Over the Thanksgiving holidays we decided to overhaul our web and POS platforms. This was a significant change that involved many many hours of configuration and migration, but also enabled us to provide you with new and better service. Here are some notable changes that you will see: 

Order prepared dumplings 

You can now order prepared dumplings for pickup at our store straight from our website! We opened our store on March 16th, 2020 - right at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We had always planned to serve dumplings to-go alongside our frozen dumplings but had to change plans like everyone else.

Just hit "Order Prepared" from our new website's homepage or navigation bar and it will take you to our new prepared food ordering system! 


Starting a business in a Farmers' Market really allowed us to connect to our customers in the communities that we serve. As we continue to grow our reach outside of the Mueller and Lakeline communities to the rest of Austin via our online store and brick-and-mortar, we want to continue to connect to our customers. 

Our new web platform allows us to use blogs to communicate business updates, new offerings, share recipes and cooking tips. Just hit "Instructions and Recipes" from our new website's navigation bar to read our blogs!

New prices

This was a hard decision - we've put it off several times already. We started our business in 2018 with a simple mission: to make quality Chinese dumplings with local ingredients, and only with things we can pronounce. Even as the world around us has changed - e.g. increase in cost of raw materials, increase in fixed costs, salary increases - we've resisted increasing our prices.

But it has finally come to the point where we need to increase our prices. Even though Leslie's MBA degree would say that price adjustments is a normal, healthy business activity, Austin has given us such amazing support over the past 2 years so it was very important to us to have this conversation via this blog. 

That said, we're actually really excited about the next few months because the proceeds from the price adjustment will allow us to invest more into providing better offerings and services to you!

What's to look forward to next

We have lots of exciting projects underway and can't wait to share with you. Be sure to sign up and subscribe to our newsletter or check back here frequently to look for future business updates and announcements! 


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